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pear channel-discover
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pear remote-list -c cakephp
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pear install cakephp/package_name
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pear install cakephp/package_name-1.0.0
pear install cakephp/package_name-beta
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CakePHP - CakePHP Rapid Development Framework

CakePHP is an application development framework for PHP 5.2+

Install commandpear install cakephp/CakePHP
LicenseMIT License
MaintainersMark Story (as lead), José Lorenzo Rodríguez (as lead), Larry Masters (as lead), Adnan Sarela (as developer), Andy Dawson (as developer), Marc Ypes (as developer), Juan Basso (as developer), Graham Weldon (as developer), Renan Gonçalves (as developer), Rachman Chavik (as developer)
Releases3.0.0dev1 (devel), 2.5.0RC1 (beta), 2.5.0beta (beta), 2.4.7 (stable), 2.4.6 (stable), 2.4.5 (stable), 2.4.4 (stable), 2.4.3 (stable), 2.4.2 (stable), 2.4.1 (stable), 2.4.0 (stable), 2.4.0RC2 (beta), 2.4.0RC1 (beta), 2.4.0beta (beta), 2.3.10 (stable), 2.3.9 (stable), 2.3.8 (stable), 2.3.7 (stable), 2.3.6 (stable), 2.3.5 (stable), 2.3.4 (stable), 2.3.3 (stable), 2.3.2 (stable), 2.3.1 (stable), 2.3.0 (stable), 2.3.0RC2 (beta), 2.3.0RC1 (beta), 2.3.0beta (beta), 2.2.9 (stable), 2.2.8 (stable), 2.2.7 (stable), 2.2.6 (stable), 2.2.5 (stable), 2.2.4 (stable), 2.2.3 (stable), 2.2.2 (stable), 2.2.1 (stable), 2.2.0 (stable), 2.2.0RC2 (beta), 2.2.0RC1 (beta), 2.2.0beta (beta), 2.1.5 (stable), 2.1.4 (stable), 2.1.3 (stable), 2.1.2 (stable), 2.1.1 (stable), 2.1.0 (stable), 2.1.0RC (beta), 2.1.0alpha (alpha)

CakePHP_CodeSniffer - PHP_CodeSniffer rules for CakePHP

PHP_CodeSniffer rules for checking code against the CakePHP coding standards.

Install commandpear install cakephp/CakePHP_CodeSniffer
LicenseMIT License
MaintainersMark Story (as lead), Juan Basso (as developer), Andy Dawson (as developer), euromark (as developer)
Releases0.1.23 (stable), 0.1.22 (stable), 0.1.21 (stable), 0.1.20 (stable), 0.1.19 (stable), 0.1.18 (stable), 0.1.17 (stable), 0.1.16 (stable), 0.1.15 (stable), 0.1.14 (stable), 0.1.13 (stable), 0.1.12 (stable), 0.1.11 (stable), 0.1.10 (stable), 0.1.9 (stable), 0.1.8 (stable), 0.1.7 (stable), 0.1.6 (stable), 0.1.5 (stable), 0.1.4 (stable), 0.1.3 (stable), 0.1.2 (stable), 0.1.1 (stable), 0.1.0 (stable)

Phing_d51PearPkg2Task - An alternative to phing's default pearpkg2

This package provides an alternative to phing's bundled pearpkg2, allowing for a build script that more closely resembles a real package.xml 2.0 file or using the API that is available by using PEAR_PackageFileManager2.

Install commandpear install cakephp/Phing_d51PearPkg2Task
MaintainersMark Story (as lead), Travis Swicegood (as lead)
Releases0.6.5 (alpha), 0.6.4 (alpha)

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